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What is the whey in yogurt? What are the benefits for the human body?

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Whey usually refers to by-products produced during the production of cheese from milk....
Whey usually refers to by-products produced during the production of cheese from milk.
Whey is a green, translucent liquid that is separated from the milk during the cheese production process.
With the development of new technologies, whey and whey protein have become high-value and widely used food materials.
In general, milk contains 2.8% casein and 0.7% whey protein. Compared to casein, whey protein has better solubility and contains higher quality essential amino acids. In the world of proteins, whey protein has so far been considered the gold standard. Animal-derived proteins are much higher than plant proteins. Among the animal-derived proteins, the protein in milk, especially whey protein, is considered to be one of the best proteins because it can provide most of the amino acids required by the human body. Whey protein has a high content of sulfur-containing amino acids, which is an important component of biosynthesis of glutathione. Glutathione is a tripeptide associated with anti-oxidation, anti-cancer and immune system. Whey protein is also the most abundant source of branched chain amino acids, while branched chain amino acids are thought to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
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