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Main effects of cocoa powder

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Cocoa powder knowledge introduction: Alkaloids in natural cocoa powder have stomach, stimulate gastric juice secretion, promote protein digestion, and reduce nutritional diarrhea that antibiotics...
Cocoa powder knowledge introduction: Alkaloids in natural cocoa powder have stomach, stimulate gastric juice secretion, promote protein digestion, and reduce nutritional diarrhea that antibiotics cannot solve. Cocoa powder is refined through the processes of mixing, roasting, shelling, refining, pressing and milling. The fragrance is pure, the powder is fine, no impurities, no coke. Can be used in high-grade chocolate, ice cream, candy, pastries and other foods containing cocoa. Cocoa Nutrition Analysis: Scientists say that more and more research shows that the chemical ingredients in cocoa powder can effectively treat heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and vascular diseases. Among the cocoa powders that benefit the body is a phytochemical called flavanol, which is also found in red and black teas.
        Cocoa supplement information: Cocoa powder is the charm of chocolate. Researchers have found that cocoa powder rich in chocolate can reduce the effects of high cholesterol on the arteries. But they are researching low-fat cocoa powder extracts instead of regular high-fat chocolate bars or chocolate hot drinks. Cocoa powder must be subjected to the steps of frying and degreasing. The natural cocoa powder contains a trace amount of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter has a good weight loss effect and is not easy to melt. Cocoa butter is a natural fat in cocoa beans that does not raise blood cholesterol. It also gives the chocolate a unique sense of smoothness and instantness. Studies have shown that although cocoa butter has a high saturated fat content, it does not raise blood cholesterol like other saturated fats. This is because it has a high stearic acid content. Stearic acid is one of the main fatty acids in cocoa butter, which lowers cholesterol in the blood. Ingestion of large amounts of cocoa powder reduces the risk of death A study published by researchers in the Netherlands on the 27th showed that those who consumed large amounts of cocoa powder in older men died of illness compared with those who never ate cocoa powder. The probability is much lower. The study lasted 15 years and involved 470 older men between the ages of 65 and 84 living in Zutphen, the Netherlands. Among them, one-third of the people did not eat a little cocoa powder, and another one-third of them consumed an average of 4.2 grams of cocoa powder per day. A total of 314 respondents died during the period from 1985 to 2000. Compared with people who never eat cocoa powder, those who love foods containing cocoa powder are only half as likely to die from various diseases. The author of the report, Brian Buyes, is from the National Institute of Public Health and Environment in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. Bouyes believes that more research is needed to draw conclusions about the health benefits of cocoa in a wider population. He said, "Only after a larger study, can we make it clear that cocoa can save your life."
        Nika Goldberg, a cardiologist at Lenox Mountain Hospital in New York, USA, said: "The conclusions of this study are not applicable to the general public because the subjects involved include only men over the age of 65." . This research report has been published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. Cocoa powder is often found in high-calorie foods rich in fats and sugars. According to the Buyes report, antioxidants and flavanols in cocoa powder can boost the function of various cells on the inner wall of blood vessels, while also reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and lung disease caused by cholesterol and other compounds. Flavanol is a flavonoid that is good for human health and is widely found in a variety of vegetables, green teas and red wines.